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Lignosulfonates are used as bonding material, superplasticisers or dispersants, in various areas of manufacturing and business.


Special biocide products have been developed to prevent lignin-based or lignin-containing aqueous solutions or products such as starch, melamine, naphthalene and polycarboxylates from becoming contaminated with bacteria, fungi or yeasts.





Fields of application

  • Construction sector
  • Feedstuff industry
  • Leather and tanning agent production
  • Paperboard and chip board production
  • Gypsum and ceramics industries
  • Drilling industry
  • Fireproof materials
  • Plant protection products
  • Printing inks and textile dyes





  • LS CONCRETE SUPERPLASTICISER for improved handling during concrete plasticising
  • LS LEAD-ACID BATTERIES help to extend the storage battery's cold-start characteristics and service life
  • LS OIL AND NATURAL GAS DRILLING as a deflocculant during drilling and solidification of the drill hole
  • LS PRINTING INKS for treating carbon black for inks, e.g. for inkjet printing inks
  • LS EMULSION STABILISATION improves the stability of asphalt and wax emulsion
  • LS DRYWALL for lower water and energy consumption
  • LS CORRUGATED BOARD as a cleaning agent
  • LS GRINDING ADDITIVES to reduce energy consumption while grinding cement
  • LS PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS for pelletising and dispersing
  • LS TEXTILE DYES for textile dyeing as a dyestuff dispersant
  • LS BRICK for lower water and energy consumption





  • LS COMPLEXING AGENT boosts corrugation stability and rigidity
  • LS REFRACTORY MATERIALS as a bonding material in refractory materials and for mould making in casting technology
  • LS PELLETS for pelletising metal ores, feedstuff and fertilisers, as well as making coal briquettes
  • LS DUST BINDING reduces the formation of dust on non-asphalt roads
  • LS CHIP BOARD as bonding material





  • LS TANNERY to improve the tanning process
  • LS FERTILISER to improve soil conditions